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Automating Business Policies

In this module, you learn about the types of decisions that you can automate in Pega, such as service level agreement actions, and simple true/false conditional tests to evaluate case...


Setting Property Values

In this module, students learn how to use data transforms and declare expressions to update property values automatically. These Pega Platform features simplify application configurations and improve application maintenance. Data...


Customizing Security Requirements in Pega Applications

This course teaches the use of Platform capabilities to satisfy common security requirements in applications and to deploy guardrail-compliant applications. The Platform model-driven architecture allows you to secure applications in...


Customizing the User Experience

This course teaches you to use Pega Platform capabilities to design and implement a customized user experience. Pega Platform enables users to design the user interface, including layout, visual design,environment,...


Improving Application Performance

This course teaches you to use performance analysis tools and techniques to make sure that applications operate efficiently. Performance analysis on the Platform is comprised of using diagnostic tools during...


Creating Mobile Solutions

In this course, you learn how to deploy almost any Pega application as a stand-alone mobile app, leveraging the same model-driven, drag-and-drop environment used to create all Pega applications. You...


Lead System Architect

The Lead System Architect course is an advanced course for senior system architects who are ready to take on the lead system architect (LSA) role. The course covers a broad...


Rapid Application Development with Pega Express

This course teaches SSA's and LSA's when and how to use Pega Express to accelerate application development. Building applications with Pega Express helps your team stay within the guardrails. As...


Creating Business Reports

In this module, students create reports to display process metrics for a case type. Using the Pega Platform Report Browser, students learn to configure reports that deliver insight into business...


Circumstancing Rules

Students learn to specialize case processing through the use of circumstancing. An example requiring circumstancing is a call center that needs to enforce one set of performance objectives for clients...