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Pega 7 Fundamentals

This course provides students with an overview of the Pega 7 platform. It introduces BPM and DCO, and gives students an opportunity to use the Pega Designer Studio to create an application foundation, add steps to manage a business case, define data types and create user interfaces. Note: The exercise system for this course is no longer available, although the exercises are still in the course. You can review the exercises to gain additional knowledge.


PMF Fundamentals

Students in the PMF Fundamentals course learn the key concepts and application tools that ensures a successful PMF application implementation throughout the lifecycle of a Pega project development.


Pega Platform Foundation

Learn the core principles of model-driven application design development on the Pega platform. (Content from this course is included in the System Architect Essentials and in the Business Architect Essentials courses. If you are enrolled in one of those courses, you do not need to enroll in this course.)


Business Architect Essentials

Learn the core competencies for participating in the design of a business application built on the Pega Platform. Learn how to use Pega's Direct Capture of Objectives approach throughout the application development cycle to identify objectives, requirements, and specifications that can be used to configure application features.

Exam - Practice

CPBA Practice Exam

This practice exam allows you to test your readiness for the certification exam and helps you identify areas in need of focused study. The first lesson, Exam Overview provides an overview of the actual PearsonVUE certification exam experience. The second lesson, Practicing for the Exam- provides an overview of the practice exam experience followed by sample exam questions.


Pega Customer Service Foundation

Students get handson experience using Pega Customer Service interactions and service cases. In addition, students learn best practices when using functions such as dialog management and coaching. Upon completion of Pega Customer.


Pega Platform and Applications Overview

Pega Platform and Applications Overview introduces you to ways that Pega can enable a more agile organization by automating business processes.


Introduction to Pega Platform

In this course, you learn the core principles of application development using Pega Platform, preparing you for further Pega Academy training. Demonstrations help solidify your understanding of these core principles by guiding you in exploring the Pega Platform development environment and how to build and modify a basic Pega application. Delivered on v7.3, demonstrations in this course are designed to enable users on v7.3 and v7.4. You may notice slight navigation changes between versions.


Creating Business Reports

In this module, students create reports to display process metrics for a case type. Using the Pega Platform Report Browser, students learn to configure reports that deliver insight into business processes.


Managing Case-processing Dependencies

In this module, students model cases that require the usage of child cases. Students create a parent-child relationship in a case and learn how to pause processing of a case until all child cases complete. Students also learn how to pass data from a parent case to a child case, as well as from a child case to a parent case.