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Pega 7 Fundamentals

This course provides students with an overview of the Pega 7 platform. It introduces BPM and DCO, and gives students an opportunity to use the Pega Designer Studio to create...


PMF Fundamentals

Students in the PMF Fundamentals course learn the key concepts and application tools that ensures a successful PMF application implementation throughout the lifecycle of a Pega project development.


Empowering Business Owners

In this course, students learn how to plan for the architecture and configuration of Pega applications so that the applications address the list of requirements identified for business problems by...


Introduction to Pega Underwriting for Insurance - Commercial

This course reviews the business value and implementation basics for Pega Underwriting for Insurance with a focus on Commercial Lines.


Pega Platform and Applications Overview

Pega Platform and Applications Overview introduces you to ways that Pega can enable a more agile organization by automating business processes.


Introduction to Customer Decision Hub

The Customer Decision Hub enables more intelligent, agile business decisions. Begin your journey to mastering this powerful tool with this Introductory course. Learn about the business problems Pega Customer Decision...


Workforce Intelligence Essentials

This course teaches the basics of Workforce Intelligence so you can better manage your employees by understanding where they spend their time throughout the day.


Introduction to Pega Platform

In this course, you learn the core principles of application development using Pega Platform, preparing you for further Pega Academy training. Demonstrations help solidify your understanding of these core principles...


Designing a Case Life Cycle

In this course, students model a business process as a case life cycle in a Pega Platform application. Using Pega Platform's model-driven tools, students organize a case life cycle into...


Creating Business Reports

In this module, students create reports to display process metrics for a case type. Using the Pega Platform Report Browser, students learn to configure reports that deliver insight into business...