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CPM: Channel Services Integration

This course is an intermediate level course designed to teach Customer Process Manager (CPM) architects to integrate CPM with contact center service channels. The course shows students how to configure...


PRPC: Architecture

This course provides an overview of the architecture of PRPC. Students will learn the functional layers that make up the PRPC architecture, how PRPC is deployed across JEE servers and...


What's New in PRPC 6.3

This course summarizes the new and enhanced features in 6.3 that provide functional, performance, or productivity benefits for system architects, business architects, and system administrators. Lessons consists of feature explanations...


Business Essentials for Technical Architects

Business Essentials for Technical Architects is for students who want to learn about Pega 7 application development from, the perspective of the business architect. Students start with requirements to develop...


Leveraging Pega 7.2 for System Architects

This course describes the additions to the Certified System Architect (CSA) curriculum for Pega 7.2. System architects who have already completed the Pega 7.1 release of the System Architect Essentials...


Implementing Care Management

In this course, participants will learn how to implement a Care Management Application and build out the utilization management program so that it meets site-specific process and connectivity requirements.


Implementing Pega Customer Service Financial Service

System Architects learn how to configure Service Cases for Retail Banking, Commercial Banking Wealth Management, and Collections. They also learn about the Financial Services Industry Framework (FSIF) and how to...


Implementing Pega Field Service

In this course, students learn the basic terminology used and the activities that occur in a field service office. Participants learn how to populate a Pega Field Service implementation layer...


Implementing Know Your Customer for Financial Services

Implementing Know Your Customer for Financial Services training provides you with insight into how due diligence is performed in the financial services industry. You learn how the application increases productivity...


Using Pega Robotic Automation Diagnostic Logging Tools

Simple debugging of a Pega Robotic Automation solution may not always be sufficient. The Diagnostic Logging course introduces another level for debugging solutions both in development and deployed to users...