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The data model in Time Management

Time Management provides you with a robust data model and features to capture and manage time entry details.

Time Management introduces Project and Time Code data objects that have all of the required data models and information that you can use while creating Time entry Cases. The system uses the projects and time codes in these tables when you capture details in the Case Life Cycle.

Users can log time against these projects and time codes. The Time Management application provides flexibility to users to add their own projects and timecodes specific to their domain and requirements. You can quickly configure details in Project and Time code data tables from App Studio and use them in the Case creation process.


The Project data object stores and lists all the project details available in the system. This table contains project information, including:

  • Project ID
  • Project name
  • Project details
  • Project approver
  • Effective start date and Effective end date
  • Funds allocation

You can use this Data Model as is or extend it based on your business needs. For example, if there is a requirement to store additional information, such as Remaining funds, you can create a new field in the project table.

To add a new project to the system, open the Project data table in App Studio, and then add a new record with all the required fields. The following figure shows the Project data type in the Time Management application:

Project data type

The Project data object also provides the flexibility for you to enable the approval process and define the levels of approvals required for the respective project. The following levels of approvals are currently available for the project:

  • Team manager approval
  • Time code approval
  • Project owner approval

If the project requires multiple approvals, select the Enable Approval checkbox, and then select the check box for the required approvals in the respective project record.

The following figure shows the cascading approval levels provided in the Project data object:

Cascading approval options provided for Project data type

Time Code

The Time Code data object stores and lists all the time codes that are available in the system. Each time code is associated with a project, and multiple time codes can be associated with the same project.

The Time Code table shows information about time codes, including:

  • Time code
  • Time code description
  • Project ID
  • Time code approver
  • Effective start date and Effective end date
  • Initial funds allocation
  • Remaining funds allocation
  • Initial hour allocation
  • Remaining hour allocation
  • Accumulated hour balance

This Data Model is usable as is or you can extend it based on the business needs. You can add new fields to the Time code data table to store additional information that is related to time codes.

To add new Time Code details to the system, open the Time Code data table in App Studio, and then add a new record with all the required fields. The following figure shows the Time code data type in the Time Management application:

Time code data type

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