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Adding and configuring adapters


2 Tasks

15 mins

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Beginner Pega Robotic Automation 8.0 Robotic Process Automation English
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With the addition of the Customer Relationship Management and ACME Search System projects to the TrainingCertificationSln, the next step is to add the applications associated with each project. After reading the project documentation, the CRMPrj stores the Windows-based CRM application, and the ACMESearchPrj stores the ACME Search System web application. The project documentation also states that the ACME Search System application only starts when the location inquiry is requested.

Your Assignment

The TrainingCertificationSln requires the addition and configuration of the Customer Relationship Management and ACME Search System applications.

Complete the following items:

  • Add a Windows adapter to the CRMPrj
  • Configure the Windows adapter
  • Add a web adapter to the ACMESearchPrj
  • Configure the web adapter

The following table provides the information you need to complete the exercise.

Item Name Properties
Customer Relationship Management application CRM Path = C:\Program Files (x86)\Openspan\CRM Setup\. (This is the default installation path for the CRM Setup.msi)
ACME Search System application ACMESystem

StartPage =

StartOnProjectStart = False

Note: Prior to completing this challenge and all subsequent challenges for this Mission, you must install CRM Setup.msi, located in C:\Program Files (x86)\Pegasystems\Pega Robot Studio\Extras . For more assistance in installing the CRM application, see Completing the challenges in Robot Studio.

Detailed Tasks

1 Add and configure a Windows adapter

  1. In Solution Explorer, right-click the CRMPrj to display a context menu.
  2. From the context menu, select Add > New Windows Application to display the Add New Item window.
    new windows
  3. On the Add New Item window, in the Name field, enter CRM.
  4. On the Add New Item window, click Add to add the CRM.os adapter in the Solution Explorer and open the CRM.os designer window in the design area.
  5. On the Object Explorer, click the CRM object to display the adapter properties in the Properties window.
  6. In the Properties window, locate the Path property.
  7. On the Path property, click in the blank property field to display an ellipses icon on the right of the blank property field.
    CRM Adapter
  8. On the Properties window, click the Ellipses to display an Open window.
  9. In the Open window, browse to the installation location of the training CRM application.
  10. On the Open window, select CRM.exe application, and click Open to update the Path property.
  11. From the menu bar, select File > Save All to save the adapter property value edits to the solution.

2 Add and configure a web adapter

  1. In the Solution Explorer, right-click ACMESearchPrj and select New Web Application... to display the Add New Item window.
  2. In Add New Item window, in the Name field, enter ACMESystem to add the ACMESystem.os adapter in the Solution Explorer and open ACMESystem.os in the design area.
  3. On the Object Explorer, click the ACMESystem object to display the adapter properties in the Properties window.
  4. In the Properties window for ACMESystem, update the properties with the values in the following table.


    Property Value
    StartOnProjectStart False
    Start on project
  5. From the menu bar, select File > Save All to save the changes.

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