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Routing parking cases to facility coordinators

5 Tasks

30 mins

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Advanced Pega Platform 8.6 English
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Front Stage provides an optional parking service. If users select this option, the facility coordinator specializing in parking and has the least amount of work receives the task assignment. Depending on the size of the event, several parking lots need to be selected. 

The parking lot name and the contact person is displayed for each parking lot. Entries can be added and deleted by using the Add item and delete item, updated by double-clicking the entry, and deleted using the right-click context menu. 

On the event end date, the same facility coordinator has the task of entering the number of cars that used parking, allowing for the calculation of the total invoice amount. 

The following table provides the credentials you need to complete the challenge.

Role User name Password
Administrator Admin@Parking rules

The sample facility coordinator users are specialized, as shown in the following table.

Operator Specialization
FacilityCoordinator1@Booking Parking
Weather and Parking

You must initiate your own Pega instance to complete this Challenge.

Initialization may take up to 5 minutes so please be patient.

Detailed Tasks

1 Identify design options

If the parking service is selected, then the parking case needs to route to the parking specialized facility coordinator to make parking arrangements.

Once the parking arrangements are made, the facility coordinator submits the case, and the case waits for the event completion.

The case is routed back to the same facility coordinator who provided the parking arrangements on the event completion date.

Option 1: Assign a task to a worklist (ToLeveledGroup) with work party routing

Configure Parking cases to route to facility coordinators with the Parking skill and add that facility coordinator as a work party to the Parking case. 

You can consider routing the parking case to the facility coordinator worklist by using the ToLeveledGroup out-of-the-box (OOTB) activity in the case processing context. Route the assignment to the facility coordinator workgroup, who is best able to provide parking tasks, with parking specialized skills and available (whether an operator is available or on vacation), or the least urgent workload by using ToLeveledGroup.

Add the ParkingFC work party role in the post flow action processing of the Search parking screen with the out-of-the-box addWorkObjectParty activity, which takes parameters role name, party class (Data-Party-Operator), party model (CurrentOperator).

This ParkingFC work party role is used to route the parking case assignment to the same facility coordinator with the out-of-the-box ToWorkParty activity for entering the number of parked cars.

Option 2: Assign a task to a work queue (ToSkilledWorkBasket) 

You can consider routing the task to the Parking work queue by using ToSkilledWorkBasket with Parking as the skill in case processing context. 

Leverage pull-based routing by using Get Next Work logic to pick the work by facility coordinator from parking work queue only. 

Option 3: Assign a task to a work queue (ToSkilledWorkBasket) and display the assignment list on UI pages 

Consider routing to the Parking work queue by using ToSkilledWorkBasket with Parking as the skill. In the parking UI pages, these assignments are displayed in the sorted order based on the event start date, and add an Access-When rule to check whether the user has the skills to work on that assignment.

2 Evaluate design options

Design Pros Cons
Assign the task to the worklist with work party routing
  • Leverage ToLeveledGroup OOTB activity for routing

  • Checks for availability, workload, skill

  • Leverage ToWorkParty OOTB activity for routing with ParkingFC role.

  • No separate validation code to check facility coordinator has worked on this case or not

  • The case can sit idle in the user's worklist if the user's unavailability is not updated in the operator record
Assign the task to a work queue 
  • Leverage ToSkilledWorkbasket OOTB routing activity with Parking skill added while routing

  • Find assignment/Get Next Work functionality can be used

  • The work queue needs to be updated in the operator record

  • Might require to customize/circumstance Assign-Workbasket.GetNextWork list view to pick only parking case assignments.

Assign a task to a work queue  and display the assignment list on UI pages 
  • Leverage ToSkilledWorkbasket OOTB routing activity with Parking skill added

  • Leverage the parking UI pages to display the work queue assignment list

  • Leverage Assign-Workbasket.canPerform access when rule to check whether the current user has the skills to perform (CurUserHasDesiredSkills)

  • Custom sections to display work queue assignment list in UI pages

  • Maintenance of these new rules

  • The user might need to navigate to these UI pages

3 Recommend the best design option

From the above approaches, it is recommended to route the parking case assignment to the user worklist by leveraging ToLeveledGroup OOTB activity. That fulfills the requirement and does not require the facility coordinator to take any additional rules or actions.

4 Review solution details

The solution is part of the following case life cycle and workflow, which is part of the Parking ruleset. The solution is based on a skill-based and work-party routing.

To Leveled group


Routing to Work Party

5 Perform the following tasks

To complete the assignment, accomplish the following tasks.

  1. Create the parking specialized skill in respective application rulesets.
  2. Associate the facility coordinator operator records with Parking skills.
  3. Update Search Parking locations assignment to route to the Facility coordinators by using ToLeveledGroup. Enter the number of vehicles parked assignment to the previous Facility coordinator by using ToWorkParty router activity associated with the Parking skill. 
  4. Verify the work by creating cases for parking and see that cases are routed to facility coordinators based on the number of work and skills.

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