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初級 Pega Platform 8.4 ケースマネジメント 日本語
バージョンタグがご希望のコンテンツと一致しているかご確認ください。 または、最新バージョンをご利用ください。


ある組織では、ローンの申請が簡単にできるアプリケーションを開発しています。 ローンの申請を開始したお客様は、クレジットスコア、ローン金額、国を入力します。 顧客が入力したクレジットスコア、ローン金額、国に基づいてローンの利率を自動的に決めるために、デシジョンツリーとデクレアエクスプレッションを設定します。 このチャレンジで顧客が国をカナダに指定した場合、ローン金額はローン利率に影響しません。 次の表の値を使用してください。

  クレジットスコア > ローン金額 > 戻る
if カナダ 800   .0200
if カナダ 700   .0275
if カナダ 200   .0425
if   800 50000 .0225
if   800 0 .0200
if   700 50000 .0325
if   700 0 .0275
if   200 50000 .045
if   200 0 .0425
otherwise       .07


ロール オペレーター ID パスワード
アプリケーションデベロッパー author@loans pega123!



チャレンジ ウォークスルー


1 Configure the Borrower risk adjustment decision tree

  1. From the navigation pane of Dev Studio, click App.
  2. Right-click LoanRequest and click Create > Decision > Decision Tree.
  3. In the Label field, enter Borrower risk adjustment tree.
  4. Click Create and open to create the decision tree.
  5. Click <click here to add a condition> to add a condition.
    Click to add a condition link when configuring a decision tree
  6. In the first empty field, enter or select .Country.
  7. Keep the operator value as =.
  8. In the second empty field, enter Canada.
  9. Click the return drop-down and select continue. An indented, nested condition is displayed.
    Condition if Country = Canada then continue
    補足: If the conditions do not display, save and refresh the decision tree.
  10. Click the nested condition and repeat steps 6-9 to specify the condition if .CreditScore > 800 then return .0200.
    First nested condition, if Credit Score is greater than 800 then return .0200
  11. With the nested condition selected, click Add Row twice to add two additional nested conditions.
    Add row button
  12. Repeat steps 6-9 to define the following conditions:
    Nested conditions if the country is Canada
  13. Select the first top-level condition and click Add Row three times to add three additional top-level conditions.
  14. Repeat steps 6-12 to define the following conditions:
    Credit score and loan amount nested conditions
  15. In the otherwise row, enter the default return value of .07.
  16. Click Save to save the decision tree.

2 Configure the Loan rate declare expression

  1. From the navigation pane, right-click LoanRequest and click Create > Decision > Declare Expression.
  2. In the Target Property field, enter or select .LoanRate.
    Declare expression for Loan rate property
  3. Click Create and open.
  4. In the Build Expressions section, in the Value of drop-down, select Result of Decision Tree.
  5. In the empty field to the right, enter or select BorrowerRiskAdjustmentTree.
    Loan rate declare expression set by BorrowerRiskAdjustmentTree
  6. Click Save.

3 Confirm your work

  1. In the header of Dev Studio, click Create > New > Loan Request to create a new Loan Request case instance.
  2. In the Loan amount field, enter 5000.
  3. In the Credit score field, enter 600.
  4. In the Country drop-down, select Canada.
  5. Click Submit.
  6. Verify that the Loan rate is 4.25%.
    Verify loan rate is 4.25% with loan amount $5000
  7. Create an additional Loan Request case instance.
  8. In the Loan amount field, enter 50000.
  9. In the Credit score field, enter 600.
  10. In the Country drop-down, select Canada.
  11. Click Submit.
  12. Verify that the Loan rate is 4.25%.
    Verify loan rate is 4.25% with loan amount $50000
  13. Optional: Create additional case instances and enter different Credit score, Loan amount, and Country values. Verify that the Loan rate is consistent with the values specified in the Borrower risk adjustment decision tree.


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