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Global web pages

Global web pages

Global web page is a function of Pega Robot Studio™ that allows the interrogation process to ignore all Windows-based objects of the browser and interrogate only the web-based objects. This functionality arose from two reasons:

  • Internet Explorer changes between versions 7 and 8
  • Use of web page frames

The Create Global Web Page function is the default option when starting the web interrogation process. It is always used for Universal Web adapter applications, with no ability to disable it.

Internet Explorer versions

When Internet Explorer version 8 was released, a new feature was available - tabs. No longer did a user have to launch a new browser window to surf a second website. The new tab structure caused issues with existing solutions when a client upgraded to the new browser version.

With the new tab, a new control displayed in the hierarchy - a control that did not exist on previously interrogated web applications. Therefore, all solutions failed because the parent/child relationship was different. In the image below, the Control2 level is the version 8 Tab object. No Control2 level children matched because Control2 was not part of the initial interrogation.

C13p0e0 01a

Using the Create Global Web Page function, you can make the Object Hierarchy and its objects browser version independent.

Web page frames

Another feature used often on web pages is multiple frames. Multiple frames is a structure that allows a developer to use one web page to display other website pages all on one page. The following image shows the multiple frame web page.

C13p0e0 02

When interrogating the webpage shown above without the Create Global Web Page function enabled, the Object Hierarchy resembles the following image:

c13p0e0 03

Notice the use of the two frame objects below the main web page. Each frame object also contains a web page. Suppose you also used the Beverages pages by itself in the solution. When the Beverages webpage is interrogated from this structure, the solution fails when accessing the Beverages webpage without the frame. To get the framed webpages to work regardless of their use in a multiple framed webpage or as their own web page, use Create Global Web Page. Interrogating the same multiple frame webpage using the Create Global Web Page, the hierarchy resembles the following image:

c13p0e0 04

Now, regardless of how users access the pages, they match each time because the abbreviated hierarchy structure only contains the webpage object and its children.

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