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Configuring customer verification


3 Tasks

15 mins

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Intermediate Pega Customer Service English
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The business wants to make sure that all customer service agents verify the identity of a customer at the start of an interaction. You have been asked to configure the security questions and the score values required for verification.

Use the following credentials to log in to the exercise system:




CS Administrator



Your assignment consists of the following tasks:

Task 1: In the pool of questions used to verify customer identity, add a question to verify the customer’s social security number. This question is the highest priority item. Set its score to 20.

Task 2: The business wants to apply customer verification to the Report a lost or stolen card service case. Add this service case to the customer verification settings and add a score threshold of 40.

Task 3: Confirm that the Report a lost or stolen card service case prompts the agent to confirm the customer’s identity.

Challenge Walkthrough

Detailed Tasks

1 Add a verification question

  1. Log in to the exercise system as a Customer Service Manager with operator ID CSExpressAdmin using password rules.
  2. Select Tools > Customer Verification. The landing page is displayed.
  3. Add a question to verify the customer’s social security number.
  4. In the Verification fields section, click +Add field.
  5. Add the following data:
    • Source: Account
    • Field: Social security number
    • Apply to: Interaction and service case
    • Point per correct answer: 20
  6. Click Save.

2 Add the service case

  1. In the Service cases section, click +Add service case.
  2. In the Service case field, click the Down arrow to display the choices, then select Report a lost or stolen card.
  3. In the Score threshold required field, enter 40.
  4. Click Save.

3 Verify your work

  1. To start a customer interaction, click New > Demo Screen Pops > Demo Pop – Connor.
  2. Click Accept.
  3. To run the service case, click Add Task > Lost or stolen Card.
  4. Confirm that the verification questions are displayed to the agent. The highest priority questions (those with higher score) should display first. The verification must reach the minimum score (which is 40 for the Report a lost or stolen card service case) before the agent can continue with the service case.

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