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Presenting a single offer on the web


2 Tasks

10 mins

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Beginner Pega Customer Decision Hub 8.4 Pega Marketing 8.4 English
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The infrastructure team at U+ Bank is now ready to test the integration between the website and Pega Customer Decision Hub™.

In preparation, you have already created the action, the treatment, and the real-time container.

You are now expected to make the remaining configurations in Customer Decision Hub to present the very first offer, the Standard credit card offer, to all customers who log in to the website.

Use the following credentials to log in to the exercise system:




Decisioning Analyst



Caution: In this mission, challenges are built on top of each other. Hence when you click on Initialize Pega or Reset Instance in this challenge, you first need to complete the previous challenge(s).

Your assignment consists of the following tasks:

Task 1: Configure the engagement policy

Configure Next-Best-Action Designer with the minimum required settings to present the Standard credit card offer to all customers who log in to the website.

  • In Engagement policy, configure the Sales > CreditCards node with the required settings.
  • In Channels, enable the web channel and configure the real-time container.

Task 2: Log in to the U+ Bank website and verify the offer

Verify that when customers Troy and Barbara log in to the U+ Bank website, they both see the Standard card offer. Also, verify that the click-through link takes the customer to the Credit Cards landing page.

Challenge Walkthrough

Detailed Tasks

1 Configure the engagement policy

  1. Log in as a Decisioning Analyst with user name CDHAnalyst using password rules.
  2. In the navigation pane on the left, click Next-Best-Action > Designer.
  3. In Next-Best-Action Designer, click Engagement policy to access the Engagement Policies for all Issues and Groups.
  4. In the Business structure, click CreditCards to view the Group-level Engagement Policy.
    Presenting an offer
  5. Click Edit to begin defining the Engagement Policy for the CreditCards group.
    Presenting an offer
  6. As the bank does not yet have any Engagement Policy requirements, click Save to confirm the default settings.
    Presenting an offer
  7. In Next-Best-Action Designer, click Channels to configure the website integration.
  8. Click Edit to begin configuring the channel integration.
    Presenting an offer
    Under Channels, notice that the Web channel is enabled so that the Customer Decision Hub can send next best actions to the web channels.
    Presenting an offer
  9. Under Triggers > Real-time containers, click the Gear icon to configure a real-time container, which represents a content placeholder on the customer account page.
    Presenting an offer
  10. In the Configure real-time containers dialog box, in the Top Offers container row, click Add to add the container.
    Presenting an offer
  11. Click Apply to confirm the container selection.
  12. In the Triggers > Real-time containers section, in the newly added Container row, configure the Business structure level to Sales / CreditCards so that the results of the Credit Card group are passed on to the website.
  13. Click Submit to confirm the business structure level.
    Presenting an offer
  14. Click Save to save the Channels configuration.
    Presenting an offer

2 Log in to the U+ Bank website and verify the offer

  1. From the Exercise System landing page, click U+ Bank to open the website.
    Presenting an offer
  2. On the website main page, in the upper right, click Log in to log in as a customer.
  3. In the Username field, ensure that Troy is selected, and then click Sign in to log in as Troy.
    Presenting an offer
    Initially, a default banner is displayed for a few moments. This occurs only after the first login. The offer loads immediately when you log in next time.
    Presenting an offer
    The Standard card offer banner is displayed. This is the web treatment tile type that is associated with the Standard card action.
  4. Click the Polaris icon to see more details about the offer.
    Presenting an offer
  5. The pop-window displays details such as the customer ID, the Propensity and Priority values calculated by the Customer Decision Hub, and the associated Container.
    Click the Polaris icon to close the pop-up window.
    Presenting an offer
  6. At the bottom of the offer, click the Learn more link to verify that the click-through works as designed.
    Presenting an offer
  7. The link takes you to the Credit Cards landing page.
  8. Log in as Barbara and verify that she sees the same Standard card offer.
    Presenting an offer

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