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Dev Studioでのデータの認証

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初級 Pega Platform 8.4 データ統合 日本語
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標準保障を利用するGoGoRoadの顧客は、Assistance RequestケースのSubmissionステージでクレジットカード情報を提供し、会社が実施したサービスの料金を支払います。 クレジットカード情報を処理する際のエラーの可能性を減らすために、利害関係者が顧客から提供されたクレジットカード情報を検証したいと考えています。

シニアデベロッパーはIsDigitという名前のエディットバリデートルールを作成して、クレジットカード番号に数字のみが含まれていることを確認しました。 Enter Payment Informationステップにバリデートルールを設定して、IsDigitを適用し、「Card number」フィールドのエントリーを検証します。


ロール ユーザー名 パスワード
アプリケーションデベロッパー author@gogoroad pega123!



チャレンジ ウォークスルー


1 Configure the validate rule

  1. From the navigation pane in Dev Studio, click App to open the App Explorer.
  2. In the App Explorer, right-click AssistanceRequest and click Create > Process > Validate to create a validate rule.
  3. In the Label field, enter Validate card information.
  4. Click Create and open to accept the remaining default settings and display the validate rule form.
    ヒント: When creating a rule from the App Explorer, Pega Platform™ automatically sets the Apply to class.
  5. In the Property field, enter or select .PaymentInformation.CardNumber to apply the validation condition to the credit card number entered by the user.
  6. Under Conditions, click Add to display the Validation conditions window.
    Validate rule card number property
  7. In the Select a function field, enter or select Validation of [Property Name] using [Edit Validate Name] fails. The window updates to display two fields below the Select a function field.
  8. In the Validation of field, enter or select .PaymentInformation.CardNumber as the property to test.
  9. In the using field, enter or select IsDigit as the edit validate rule to test.
  10. In the Message field, enter Credit card number contains an invalid character.
    IsDigit edit validate rule applied to the card number entered by the user
  11. Click Submit to complete the configuration of the validation condition.
  12. Click Save to complete the configuration of the validate rule.
    Validate card information condition

2 Apply the validate rule to the Enter Payment Informaton flow action

  1. In the App Explorer, expand AssistanceRequest > Process > Flow Action and click EnterPaymentInformation to open the Enter payment information flow action.
  2. On the flow action rule form, click the Validation tab to apply a validate rule when processing the flow action.
  3. In the Validate field, enter or select ValidateCardInformation to apply the validate rule you configured.
  4. Click Save to complete the configuration of the flow action.
    Validate card information rule applied to the Enter payment information flow action

3 Confirm your work

  1. In the header of Dev Studio, click Create > New > Assistance Request to create a new case.
  2. Advance the case to the Enter payment information step, entering information as required.
  3. In the Card number field, enter 1234567890ABCDEF.
  4. Click Submit, and then confirm that validation of the field fails and an error message is displayed on the Card number field.
    Validation of the card number field fails, prompting the user with an error message
  5. In the Card number field, enter 1111222233334444.
  6. Click Submit, and then confirm that the case advances to the Validation stage.


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