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初級 Pega Platform 8.4 セキュリティ 日本語
バージョンタグがご希望のコンテンツと一致しているかご確認ください。 または、最新バージョンをご利用ください。


GoGoRoadの製品マネージャーは、New Vendorケースタイプの開発へのアクセスを制限して、承認されたロールを持つユーザーのみが更新を実行できるようにします。 New Vendorケースタイプにパーミッションを設定して、ユーザーロールを持つユーザーがこのケースタイプで動作を実行できないようにします。


ロール ユーザー名 パスワード
開発者 author@gogoroad pega123!
カスタマー サービス チーム CSR@gogoroad pega123!
地域マネージャー territorymgr@gogoroad pega123!




チャレンジ ウォークスルー


1 Set permissions for the User role on the Access Manager

  1. Log in with the developer credentials provided in the scenario.
  2. In the header of Dev Studio, click Configure > Org & Security > Access Manager > Work & Process to view role-based authorizations for each case type in your application.
    Dev Studio Configure menu > Org & Security > Access Manager > Work & Process
  3. In the Access Group drop-down, select GoGoRoad:Users to view authorizations for the User role.
  4. Under Case Types, expand New Vendor to display the child rows.
    Access Manager Work & Process case types
  5. To the right of Open, in the GoGoRoad:User column, click the Full Access check mark to update the access when opening instances of the New Vendor case type.
  6. Select No Access, and then click OK to set the authorization.
    Access Manager New Vendor Open instances No Access
  7. For the following rows, repeat steps 5 and 6 to set each child row to No Access authorization.
    • Run Reports
    • Modify
    • View History

    The New Vendor row updates to restrict access to the case type.

    Access Manager New Vendor case type No Access
補足: Changes in the Access Manager are saved automatically. You can click the Refresh Page icon under Access Group to verify that changes saved.

2 Confirm your work

  1. In the lower left, click the profile icon, and then click Log off to log out of Pega Platform™. The login screen is displayed.
    Dev Studio Log off
  2. Log in with the customer service representative (CSR) credentials provided in the scenario. The CSR user portal is displayed.
  3. Click New > New vendor
  4. Verify that the create view displays the an error message that indicates you are not authorized to create, modify, or lock New Vendor case instances.
    not authorized to create modify lock new vendor case type
  5. In the upper right, click the profile icon, and then click Log off  to log out of Pega Platform.
    csr profile log off
  6. Log in with the territory manager credentials provided in the scenario. The territory manager portal is displayed.
  7. Click New > New vendor.
  8. Verify the create view displays a new instance of the New Vendor case type.
    補足: Other roles, like manager, are not restricted from creating a New Vendor case and providing vendor information.


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