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Attaching PDF files to a case


3 Tasks

10 mins

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Beginner Pega Platform 8.4 Case Management English
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After roadside assistance services have been provided, customers with standard coverage receive a receipt for the service charge, including a breakdown of the services provided.

Send an email message to customers with the invoice total and an attachment with the breakdown of charges from the Review service summary view.

The following table provides the credentials you need to complete the challenge.

Role User name Password
Application Developer author@gogoroad pega123!

Challenge Walkthrough

Detailed Tasks

1 Create the receipt for service charge PDF

  1. In the navigation pane of App Studio, click Case types > Assistance Request to open the case.
  2. In the Resolution stage, click Step > More > Automations > Create PDF > Select to add a Create PDF automation.
  3. Click and drag the step to precede the Send receipt to customer step.
  4. Click the Create PDF step and enter Create PDF Receipt as the step name.
  5. In the contextual pane, in the Select view drop-down, select Review service summary.
  6. In the PDF name field, enter Receipt of Services.
  7. In the Attachment Category field, select Document.
  8. Click Save.

2 Attach the PDF to the email receipt

  1. In the header of App Studio, click App Studio > Dev Studio to switch workspaces.
  2. In the navigation pane of Dev Studio, click Case types > Assistance Request to open the case. 
  3. In the Resolution stage, click Send Receipt to customer.
  4. In the contextual pane, select Include attachments > Choose attachments > Category > Document.
    Properties pane for Send Email step with attachments selected
  5. Click Save.

3 Confirm your work

  1. In the Assistance Request case type, click Save and Run.
  2. Advance the case to the Select Services step.
  3. In the list of services, in one of the Quantity fields, enter a value to ensure that the Services total is correct.
  4. Click Submit to advance to Review service summary step.
    Case Automation - Set Quantity on List of Services
  5. On the Review service summary form, verify the quantities for the selected services.
    Review Service Summary step
  6. Click Submit to change the Assistance Request case to a Resolved-Completed status. 
  7. In the final case view, under Recent content, verify that the Receipt of Services PDF and the Receipt for roadside assistance email are attached to the case.
    Case Automation - Review Receipt of services PDF and Receipt of roadside assistance Email
  8. Click Receipt for roadside assistance to open the email, and then click Receipt of Services.pdf (pxDocument) to open the Receipt of Services PDF.
    Receipt for Roadside Assistance email
  9. In Recent content, click Receipt of Services.pdf to open and verify the PDF contents.
    Receipt of Services PDF

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