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Displaying list data in Views


4 Tasks

10 mins

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Beginner Pega Platform 8.4 User Experience English
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The GoGoRoad application presents a list of all available service providers in a table. The UI consultant wants you to make the following changes to the UI: present the relevant service provider information only and configure the on-screen content to accommodate multiple screen sizes. Format the providers list to present in a non-tabular form, using a layout to organize the display of a single item and then embedding the section in a repeating dynamic layout.

The following table provides the credentials you need to complete the challenge.

Role User name Password
Application Developer author@gogoroad pega123!

Challenge Walkthrough

Detailed Tasks

1 Create the Providers list view

  1. In the navigation pane of Dev Studio, click Data types > Service provider to open the Service provider data type.
  2. Click the Views tab.
    Views tab of the Service provider data type
  3. Click Create new view to create a new view.
  4. In the upper left of the New View window, click New View to edit the view name.
  5. Rename the view Providers list.
  6. In the left pane of the window, expand Fields.
    Expand fields in the left pane of the New View window
  7. Hover over the Name field, and then click Add to view.
    Add to view icon
  8. From the Options drop-down, select Read-only.
  9. Repeat step 7 to add the Address and LatLong fields.
  10. To the right of the empty row, click the trash icon to delete the empty field.
    Providers list view
  11. Click Submit, and then click Save.

2 Create a responsive view

  1. From the navigation pane, click App to open the App Explorer.
  2. In the search field, enter or select GoGo-GoGoRoad-Data-ServiceProvider and press the Enter key. The rules within the specified class are displayed.
  3. Expand User Interface > Section.
    App Explorer with GoGoRoad-Data-ServiceProvider selected
  4. Right-click Section, and then click Create. The Create Section form is displayed.
  5. In the Label field, enter Providers List Responsive to name the section.
  6. Click Create and open to create the section. The Providers List Responsive section is displayed.
  7. In the right pane, click Change to change the template. The Select a template window is displayed.
    Change section template button
  8. In the Select a template window, click Inline wrapping.
  9. In the right pane, click Add to add a control. A dialog box is displayed.
    Add control to a section
  10. In the dialog box, expand Action, and then click Button.
  11. Hover over the Button control, and then click Edit. The Cell Properties window is displayed.
  12. In the Cell Properties window, in the Text field, enter Select provider.
    Cell properties for the Select provider button
  13. Click Submit to dismiss the window.
  14. In the right pane, click Add.
  15. Expand Data display, and then click Embedded section. The Section Include Modal window is displayed.
  16. In the Section Include Modal window, in the Section field, enter or select ProvidersList.
    Section include modal for an embedded section
  17. Click Submit, and then click Save.

3 Use the newly-created view in your application

  1. Create a new Assistance Request case, and advance to the Select service provider step.
  2. In the Developer Toolbar, click Live UI, and then click the Service provider section.
    Live UI with the Select Service Provider section selected
Tip: You can open UI section rules by using the Live UI tool or from the App or Data Explorer. Live UI is best applied for sections that are actively used in the case type.
  1. Click Open in Dev Studio to open the section rule in Dev Studio.
    Open in Dev Studio icon from Live UI
  2. Click Structural, and then click and drag a Repeating dynamic layout to the Service provider section.
  3. Click View properties. The Repeating dynamic layout properties window is displayed.
  4. In the Repeating dynamic layout properties window, in the List/Group field, enter or select .ServiceProvider.
    Repeating dynamic layout properties window with source specified as Service provider
  5. Click Submit.
  6. From the App Explorer, click Options > Refresh App Explorer.
    Refresh App Explorer
  7. Expand User Interface > Section.
  8. Drag and drop the ProvidersListResponsive section from the App Explorer to the Repeating Dynamic Layout.
    Drag the ProvidersListResponsive section from the App Explorer
  9. Click Save.
Note: Only the repeating dynamic layout or the table is needed to show providers. Leave both for the purposes of comparison.

4 Confirm your work

  1. Return to the Assistance Request case instance you created.
  2. Click Actions > Refresh.
  3. Verify that the updated section is displayed. 
    Select service provider view with repeating dynamic layout

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