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PRPC: Case Management Specialist

This course is for Certified System Architects who are looking to gain experience working with Case Management functionality in PRPC.

The PRPC Case Management Specialist course is an advanced course for System Architects who want to advance their knowledge of PRPC in the area of Case Management. The course focuses on PRPC Case Management concepts and capabilities underpinned by hands-on exercises.


What you'll learn

By the end of this course, you will be able to successfully:

  • Understand the standard PRPC Case Management capabilities.
  • Develop knowledge on implementing high quality Case Management solutions with PRPC.
  • Design and implement various Case Management solutions in PRPC in the most efficient manner.
  • Understand the Reusability and Specialization in PRPC Case Management solutions.
  • Understand the best practices related to implementing the Case Management solutions

Course Outline

  1. Overview

    • Course Overview
    • Developer Tour
    • Tour of the Base Application
  2. PRPC Case Management

    • Case Management - Introduction
    • Object Relationships
  3. PRPC Fundamentals

    • Data Modeling Basics
    • Property Definitions
    • Linked Properties
    • Circumstancing
    • Choosing the Right Rule
    • Enterprise Class Structure
    • Achieving Reusability and Specialization
  4. Business Process Modeling - Designing Flows

    • Creating and Editing Flows
    • Adding Decisions, Subflows, Integration to Flows
    • Screen Flows
    • Flow Modeling Best Practices
    • Flow Processing
    • Standard Validation
  5. Business Process Modeling - Basic Tasks

    • Routing
    • Using SLA's
    • Correspondence
    • Work Item Attachments
    • Attachment Architecture
    • Work Statuses
    • Work Parties
    • Activities, Loops and Common Methods
  6. Business Process Modeling - Advanced Concepts

    • Case-Based Reasoning
    • Tickets
    • Advanced Data Transforms
    • Process API
    • Policy Override
    • Get Next Work
    • Customize Get Next Work
  7. Case Designer Gadget

    • Case Designer
    • Data Propogation
    • Dependency Management
    • Case Specialization
  8. Case Management Portal

    • Ad-hoc Work and Pocesses
    • Social BPM
    • Business Events
  9. Case Study

    • Case Management Case Study

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  • Skill Level


  • Duration

    5 days

  • Platform Version

    6.2 SP2

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