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PRPC: Direct Capture of Objectives

This course is for project team members who need to use DCO tools to participate in or manage PRPC implementations.

Students learn how to use Direct Capture of Objectives tools, practices, and capabilities to more efficiently implement PegaRULES Process Commander (PRPC) solutions. Students use DCO tools and practices to identify specifications and requirements, create an Application Profile, modify a draft flow, and create UI wireframes.


What you'll learn

By the end of this course, you will be able to successfully:

  • Create an Application Profile
  • Conduct a DCO Elaboration session
  • Create and manage specification workstreams

Course Outline

  1. Course Overview

    • Overview
    • Downloading the Exercise System
    • Completing the Exercises
  2. Introduction to DCO

    • Direct Capture of Objectives
    • Introduction to Pega BPM
    • Introduction to Pega Scrum
  3. Project Initiation

    • Program Planning
    • Project Planning
    • Kick-off Meetings
  4. Project Inception

    • What is Project Inception?
    • Specifications and Requirements
    • Using the Application Profiler
    • Additional Application Profiler Capabilities
    • Using the Project Sizing Tool
    • Project Management
  5. Elaborating and Constructing the Application

    • Elaborating the Application
    • Using the Application Accelerator
    • DCO Sessions
    • Constructing the Application
    • Test Management
    • Using the Application Documentation Wizard
  6. Transitioning the Application

    • Testing the Project
    • Going Live
  7. Change Control and Governance

    • Change Control
    • Governance

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  • Skill Level


  • Duration

    2 days

  • Platform Version

    6.3 SP1

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