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Lead System Architect

This course is for Certified Senior System Architects that want to become Certified Lead System Architects by building upon the Pega 7 skills and concepts.

The Lead System Architect Program concentrates on building upon the Pega 7 skills and concepts you learned during the Senior System Architect program. In this course you build and design an application that follows the Build for Change.


What you'll learn

By the end of this course, you will be able to successfully:

  • Understand and articulate which Pega 7 features and patterns to use to solve the most common application requirements
  • Apply Pega 7 design patterns to solve real world requirements
  • Design and implement an end-to-end Pega 7 application from scratch

Course Outline

  1. Orientation

    • Welcome to the Lead System Architect Course
    • Completing the Exercises
    • Downloading the Exercise System
    • Tour of the Designer Studio
  2. Application Design

    • Project Methodology and DCO
    • Tips on Developing an Application
    • Mapping the Organizational Structure
    • Advanced Ruleset Configuration
    • Design Pattern: Dynamic Class Referencing
    • Using Solution Frameworks
    • Refactoring an Application
    • Application Design: Case Study 1
    • Application Design: Case Study 2
  3. Case Design

    • Case Hierarchy Design
    • Case Specialization
    • Ad Hoc Work and Process Design
    • Process and Engine APIs
    • Upgrading Flows in Production
    • Locking Architecture
    • Case Design: Case Study
  4. Data Model

    • Designing the Data Model
    • Data Pages
    • Data Model: Case Study
  5. Automating Business Policies

    • Business Rules
    • Delegating Rules to the Business User
    • Declarative Processing
    • Service Levels
    • Automating Business Policies: Case Study
  6. User Experience

    • Usability Guardrails and UI Design Tips
    • Controls
    • Designing User Portals
    • Building Applications for Mobile Devices
    • Localization and Accessibility
    • IAC Concepts
    • User Interface: Case Study
  7. Reporting

    • Advanced Reporting Concepts
    • Reporting Administration
    • PRPC Reporting Strategy
    • Rule Reporting
    • Reporting: Case Study
  8. Integration

    • Configuring Message Based Integration
    • XML Data Mapping
    • Asynchronous Integration
    • Inbound Email
    • Configuring REST Integration
    • Distributed Transactions
    • Integration: Case Study
  9. Architecture

    • JEE And PRPC
    • PRPC Caches
    • Managing High Available Applications
    • Pega Mobile
    • Pega Cloud and Multi-tenancy
  10. Administration

    • Development Migration
    • Advanced Application Migration
    • Upgrade to a New Version
    • Monitoring And Diagnosing Development Systems
    • Monitoring And Diagnosing Production Systems
    • System Tuning
    • System Maintenance
    • Administration: Case Study
  11. Security

    • Secure Your Application
    • Authentication Concepts
    • Authenticating using SSO
    • External Authorization
    • Encryption Model
  12. Application Build

    • Application Build Tips
    • Practice App Build

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  • Duration

    20 days

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