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Senior System Architect

This course is for Certified System Architects who are looking to further their knowledge and their ablity to implement high-quality Pega 7 applications.

The Senior System Architect program is an advanced course for those who want to learn Pega 7 concepts by designing and building for reusability across multiple lines of business.


What you'll learn

By the end of this course, you will be able to successfully:

  • Understand key concepts such as rule resolution, class structure design, and reusability
  • Implement a wide array of functionality from building high quality user experiences to implementing complex case management requirements
  • Implement challenging reporting and integration requirements

Course Outline

  1. Orientation

    • Welcome
    • Completing the Exercises
    • Downloading the exercise system
  2. Application Design

    • Starting a Pega 7 Application
    • Introduction to RuleSets
    • Working with Branches
    • Rule Resolution
    • Enterprise Class Structure
    • Circumstancing
    • Reusability and Specialization
  3. Case Design

    • Case Management - Under the Hood
    • Case Lifecycle Management (Stages)
    • Case Hierarchy
    • Creating and Editing Flows
    • Advanced Flow Processing
    • Screen Flows
    • Work Status
    • Work Parties
  4. Data Model

    • Building a Solid Foundation
    • Controlling Data with Properties
    • Source Your Data with Data Pages
  5. User Experience

    • Introduction to User Experience
    • Introduction to UI Architecture
    • Building the UI
    • Introduction to Responsive UI
    • Introduction to Styling an Application
    • Understanding Available Controls
    • Building Dynamic UI
  6. Automating Business Policies

    • Data Transforms
    • Activities
    • PegaPulse
    • Case Attachments
    • Routing
    • Get Next Work
    • Correspondence
    • Ticketing
    • Declarative Processing
    • Declaratives Rules
    • Delegating Rules to the Business User
    • Automating Decisions
    • Validation
  7. Reporting

    • Creating Business User Reports
    • Configuring Reports
    • Data Model in Reports
    • Data Visualization using Charts
  8. Integration

    • Introduction to Integration
    • Error Handling and Debugging
    • Configuring a SOAP Connector
    • Setup a SOAP Service
    • Setup a File Listener
    • Interacting with an External Database
  9. Architecture

    • Standard Agents
    • Controlling Access to an Application
    • Authentication Using LDAP
  10. Administration

    • System Debugging
    • Designing for Performance
    • System Tuning and Maintenance
    • Migrating an Application

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  • Duration

    15 days

  • Platform Version


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