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Implementing Know Your Customer for Financial Services

This course is for System Architects who need to configure and extend a new Pega Know Your Customer for Financial Services implementation.

Implementing Know Your Customer for Financial Services training provides you with insight into how due diligence is performed in the financial services industry. You learn how the application increases productivity and improves efficiency through automated implementation of financial rules and regulations. You also learn to utilize built-in rules and regulations, and how to customize KYC Types and Items for the local implementation.

What you'll learn

By the end of this course, you will be able to successfully:

  • Describe a Pega KYC for Financial Service due diligence scenario
  • Illustrate the Pega KYC for Financial Services layered architecture
  • Implement out-of-the-box financial rules and regulations during due diligence
  • Create KYC Rules and Items to implement custom KYC policies

Course Outline

  1. Course introduction

    • Before you begin
  2. Examine the business scenario

    • Describe the business environment
    • Explore industry needs and challenges
    • Demonstrate the application
  3. Explore the application

    • Examine application layers
    • Explore application components
    • Describe functions of primary case types
    • Financial Services data entities
    • Create implementation data classes
  4. Extend the application

    • Review Gap analysis results
    • Customize KYC Types and Item Responses
    • Working with the KYCType rule
    • Know Your Customer decision tables
  5. Test your implementation

    • Testing the implementation
  6. Course summary

    • Conclusion

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  • Duration

    1 day

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