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Pega Customer Service for Financial Services Foundation

This course is for anyone who wants to learn the key features and differentiators of Pega Customer Service.

This course allows you to gain experience with several of the products that are a part of Pega Customer Service. You use Pega Express, Pega Chat, Pega Co-Browse, Pega Knowledge, and Pega Self-Service Advisor to provide a positive customer service experience.

Course Outline

  1. Course Introduction

    • Before you begin
  2. Product Overiew

    • Business scenario
  3. CSR Manager Tasks

    • Guiding a customer service representative using dialogs
    • Guiding a customer service representative using coaching tip
    • Monitoring an application with reports
  4. Service Cases

    • Service cases overview
    • Configuring a service case
    • Leveraging the Customer Decision Hub
  5. Channels

    • Configuring Pega Chat
    • Configuring Pega Co-Browse
    • Additional channels
    • Configuring Self-Service Advisor
  6. Pega Knowledge

    • Creating help content
    • Building sites
  7. Course Summary

    • Course summary

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  • Duration

    1 day

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