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Introduction to Customer Decision Hub

This course is for users who need to understand the core concepts of a Customer Decision Hub but will not be building an application themselves.

The Customer Decision Hub enables more intelligent, agile business decisions. Begin your journey to mastering this powerful tool with this Introductory course. Learn about the business problems Pega Customer Decision Hub can solve and discover how it delivers Next-Best-Action -a decisioning approach that makes customer interactions more relevant for the customer and more valuable to the business. Explore a sample application to bolster your knowledge of key features.

What you'll learn

By the end of this course, you will be able to successfully:

  • Explain how decision strategies can help align business objectives with customer needs
  • Explain the basics of next-best-action approach
  • Explain how data analytics is used to predict customers behaviour

Course Outline

  1. Course Introduction

    • Before You Begin
  2. Introducing Decisioning Concepts

    • Introducing decisioning concepts
  3. Predicting Customer Behavior

    • Predicting Customer Behavior
    • Practicing What You Learned
  4. Testing Strategies En Masse with Simulations

    • Testing strategies en masse with simulations
    • Practicing What You Learned
  5. Detecting Dropped Calls

    • Detecting Dropped Calls
    • Practicing What You Learned
  6. Course Summary

    • Before You Leave

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  • Duration

    4 hours

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