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Pega Robotic Automation Architect Essentials - French

This course is for software developers, System Architects, and Business Analysts working on their first Pega Robotic Automation solution, or looking to update their skills on solution development projects.

This course prepares you to develop your first Pega Robotic Automation solution. In this course, you will learn the basic functionality, process flow, terminology, and core building blocks of Pega Robotic Automation Studio. You will also learn how to integrate robotic automations with Windows and web applications, and learn how to use debugging tools to test your solution.

What you'll learn

By the end of this course, you will be able to successfully:

  • Create a standard Windows form using .NET window controls
  • Integrate and interrogate a Windows application and a Web application within the solution
  • Create a unified solution using project-to-project references
  • Use the Interaction Framework within the unified solution to seamlessly maintain and transfer data and activities across the solution
  • Create a project and solution hierarchy structure to easily maintain and scale the unified solution
  • Using a defined process, create automations to streamline the process by integrating the multi-project solution through programming logic
  • Add and edit match rules on interrogated objects to create an understanding of the matching process for both Window and Web applications Generate build files and deployment packages of the unified solution
  • Use the standard Visual Studio diagnostic and debugging tools to test the unified solution

Course Outline

  1. Course Introduction

    • Before you begin - FR
  2. Windows Integration

    • Getting started with Pega Robotic Automation Studio - FR
    • Developing solutions and project - FR
    • Working with windows adapters - FR
    • Working with automations - FR
    • Working with multiple application instances - FR
  3. Debugging and Diagnostics

    • Debugging and Diagnostics - FR
    • Error handling - FR
  4. Web Integration

    • Working with web adapters - FR
    • Working with match rules - FR
    • Navigating a web application - FR
  5. Interaction Framework

    • Interaction Framework - FR
    • Multiple-project solutions - FR
    • Interacting between applications - FR
    • Completing the Interaction Framework solution
    • Integration with Pega Platform - FR
  6. Deployment

    • Solution deployment - FR
  7. Course Summary

    • Conclusion - FR

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  • Duration

    4 days

  • Platform Version


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