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Lead System Architect Readiness Exam

This certification exam is for Pega Certified Senior System Architects (CSSAs) with a minimum of 12 months field experience who are ready to extend their knowledge to become part of an elite team of the most sought-after resources for Pega projects.

The LSA Readiness exam is the first of three required exams in the CLSA certification path and focuses on configuration of Pega applications. Consult the exam study guide on Pegasystems' Pearson VUE web page to help with exam preparation. This exam includes scenario questions, multiple choice questions and drag/drop items. If multiple answers are required, the text states how many responses are needed. This exam will be retired on October 31, 2019. EXAM CODE: PEGACLSA74V1-R.


Exam Topics (% of exam)

Application Design (10%)

  • Rule resolution management
  • Rule parameters configuration
  • Customer service application configuration
  • Declare change and declare trigger differences
  • Rule delegation

Case Configuration (10%)

  • Case types creation
  • Case lifecycles creation
  • Goal and Deadline values updating
  • Wait shape
  • Work parties configuration

Data Model Configuration (12%)

  • Data page configuration
  • Data access patterns configuration
  • Pega enterprise class structure
  • Abstract base classes derivation/definition
  • Activity and data transform differences
  • Data types

User Experience Configuration (10%)

  • Application UI localization
  • Basic UI configuration
  • Accessibility configuration
  • Web mashup configuration
  • Edit Validate or Edit Input Rules usage
  • Conversational Multi-channel UI configuration

Security Model Configuration (20%)

  • Pega authentication types
  • User login and authentication security policies configuration
  • Custom authentication service configuration
  • Operator ID record creation using external data
  • Pega Web Mashup authentication configuration
  • Access group usage to map authorization to an external system
  • Attribute-based access control configuration
  • Password and data object encryption
  • Site-specific cipher creation and implementation
  • Rule and field-level update auditing implementation
  • Role-based access control configuration

Report Configuration (8%)

  • Joins and associations configuration
  • Report property optimization
  • Function alias rules configuration
  • Subreport configuration

Mobile Application Configuration (10%)

  • Application offline use configuration
  • Custom mobile app debugging
  • Mashup SDK usage to embed a Pega process in a native mobile ap
  • Push notifications configuration

Integration (7%)

  • Data Management - Integration
  • Integration services e.g., REST; Soap
  • Email integration

Background Processing (10%)

  • Advanced agent configuration
  • Standard and Advanced agents differentiation
  • Management of agent execution in a cluster
  • Agent processing troubleshooting

Performance (3%)

  • Application performance analysis
  • Format

    • 120 minutes
    • 60 questions

  • Passing Score


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