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Pega Customer Decision Hub Essentials

This course is for business users who are responsible for developing Next-Best-Action decision strategies.

Gain greater understanding of the key features, capabilities and benefits of the Pega Customer Decision Hub™ in this course. Learn how to create a decision strategy from scratch and how decision components such as PropositionData, Filter, Prioritization, AdaptiveModel, Group-by, InteractionHistory are used to create real-life decision strategies to render relevant banners on a web channel.


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What you'll learn

By the end of this course, you will be able to successfully:

  • Describe how AI and Next-Best-Action is used to optimize 1:1 customer engagement.
  • Use predictive and adaptive analytics models to predict customer behavior.
  • Design and build decision strategies for real-life scenarios.

Course Outline

  1. Course introduction

    • Before you begin
  2. Customer Decision Hub overview

    • Tell me about the Next-Best-Action paradigm
    • Tell me about 1-to-1 Customer Engagement
  3. Optimizing the customer value in the call-center

    • Show me how Next-Best-Action is used in a contact center
    • Show me how to use Next-Best-Action designer
    • Let me replace an offer in the contact center
  4. Defining and managing propositions

    • Tell me how to define propositions in my organization
    • Show me how to manage propositions
    • Challenge me creating new propositions
  5. Using propositions in a decision strategy canvas

    • Tell me what is a strategy canvas
    • Guide me importing proposition to the strategy canvas
  6. Calculating dynamic prices

    • Tell me how to personalize propositions with dynamic pricing
    • Guide me using Property-Set component
  7. Selecting the most profitable proposition

    • Tell me how to select the most profitable proposition
    • Show me how to rank propositions using Prioritize component
    • Challenge me using the Prioritize component
  8. Selecting the target audience

    • Tell me how to select the target audience
    • Show me how to select the target audience using a Filter
    • Challenge me adding a Filter component
  9. Predicting customer behavior

    • Introduction to data analytics
    • Tell me how to predict customer needs
    • Show me how to use adaptive decisioning
    • Challenge me adding an Adaptive Model component
    • Tell me how to retain customers using predictive analytics
    • Show me how to retain customers using predictive analytics
    • Challenge me selecting a proposition based on prediction
  10. Learning from historical interactions

    • Tell me how to learn from historical interactions
    • Show me how to configure interaction history component
    • Challenge me adding Interaction History component
  11. Defining proposition eligibility rules

    • Tell me what is product eligibility
    • Show me how to define proposition eligibility criteria
    • Challenge me creating and using a When rule
    • Show me how to extend a Proposition Filter rule
  12. Using aggregated data to select the best offer

    • Tell me how to aggregate data to determine the best offer
    • Show me how to reconnect with a customer
    • Challenge me how to aggregate historical interactions
  13. Designing decision strategies for real-life scenarios

    • Let me create propositions for web channel banners
    • Let me add product eligibility rules
    • Let me show more relevant banners using adaptive
    • Let me disable banners often clicked
    • Let me add eligibility rules for high-risk customers
  14. Course Summary

    • Before you leave

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    1.5 days

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