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Pega Customer Decision Hub Foundation

This course is for anyone who wants to learn the key features and differentiators of Pega Customer Decision Hub™.

Learn about the business problems Pega Customer Decision Hub™ can solve and discover how Pega's omni-channel AI delivers the right action at every customer touch. Learn about the Always-On brain, and how business people design strategies visually combining predictive analytics, machine-learning, text analytics and traditional business rules to deliver the Next-Best-Action - a decisioning approach that makes customer interactions more relevant for customer and more valuable to the business.

What you'll learn

By the end of this course, you will be able to successfully:

  • Explain the basics of Next-Best-Action approach
  • Describe how AI and Next-Best-Action is used to optimize 1:1 customer engagement
  • Use predictive and adaptive analytics models to predict customer behavior
  • Utilize text analytics to improve business performance

Course Outline

  1. Course introduction

    • Before you begin
  2. Pega Customer Decision Hub overview

    • Tell me about the Next-Best-Action paradigm
    • Tell me about 1-to-1 Customer Engagement
  3. Optimizing the customer value in the contact center

    • Show me how Next-Best-Action is used in a contact center
    • Show me how to use Next-Best-Action designer
    • Let me replace an offer in the contact center
  4. Enhancing customer experience in the web channel

    • Tell me about identity matching
    • Tell me about U+ bank scenario
    • Show me how identity matching works
    • Let me change the offer prioritization for the web channel
  5. Predicting customer behavior

    • Introduction to data analytics
    • Tell me how to predict customer needs
    • Show me how to use adaptive decisioning
    • Challenge me adding an Adaptive Model component
    • Tell me how to retain customers using predictive analytics
    • Show me how to retain customers using predictive analytics
    • Challenge me selecting a proposition based on prediction
  6. Utilizing text analytics to improve business performance

    • Tell me what is text analytics
    • Show me how to predict the sentiment of a Twitter text
    • Show me how to automate work using text analytics
    • Let me create a case based on text analysis on Twitter data
  7. Course summary

    • Before you leave

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  • Duration

    4 hour

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