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Pega Decisioning Consultant

This course is a must have for any decisioning consultant who wants to implement Next-Best-Action application on a customer site.

Gain greater understanding of the key features, capabilities and benefits of the Pega Customer Decision Hub in this course. Learn how components such as Proposition Management, Predictive Analytics and Interaction History are used to create, simulate and analyze real-time Next-Best-Action decision strategies. Get hands-on experience building strategies for real-time interactions as well as simulating and analyzing their results using Visual Business Director.


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What you'll learn

By the end of this course, you will be able to successfully:

  • Understand the basic components and capabilities of Pega Customer Decision Hub.
  • Understand how Next-Best-Action improves the customer experience.
  • Create a predictive model and use it in the Next Best Action strategy.
  • Explain how adaptive modeling works and configure adaptive models
  • Prioritize propositions based on predicted customer behavior.
  • Run alternative strategies and compare the results using Visual Business Director.

Course Outline

  1. Course introduction

    • Before you begin
  2. Customer Decision Hub overview

    • Tell me about the Next-Best-Action paradigm
    • Tell me about 1-to-1 Customer Engagement
  3. Optimizing the customer value in the contact center

    • Show me how Next-Best-Action is used in a contact center
    • Show me how to use Next-Best-Action designer
    • Let me replace an offer in the contact center
  4. Defining and managing propositions

    • Tell me how to define propositions in my organization
    • Show me how to manage propositions
    • Challenge me creating new propositions
  5. Authoring Next-Best-Action decisions

    • Tell me about Next-Best-Action Designer
    • Show me the Next-Best-Action Designer hierarchy
    • Tell me about a web marketing scenario
    • Show me how to display an offer on a website
    • Tell me about offer eligibility
    • Show me how to configure offer eligibility
    • Tell me about offer prioritization
    • Show me how to prioritize offers
  6. Configuring NBA designer for real-life scenario

    • Tell me about U+Bank web marketing scenario
    • Let me display an offer on a web site
    • Let me add eligibility rules
    • Let me prioritize offers based on customer interest
  7. Using propositions in a decision strategy canvas

    • Tell me what is a strategy canvas
    • Guide me importing proposition to the strategy canvas
  8. Calculating dynamic prices

    • Tell me how to personalize propositions with dynamic pricing
    • Guide me using Property-Set component
  9. Selecting the most profitable proposition

    • Tell me how to select the most profitable proposition
    • Show me how to rank propositions using Prioritize component
    • Challenge me using the Prioritize component
  10. Selecting the target audience

    • Tell me how to select the target audience
    • Show me how to select the target audience using a Filter
    • Challenge me adding a Filter component
  11. Defining proposition eligibility rules

    • Tell me what is product eligibility
    • Show me how to define proposition eligibility criteria
    • Challenge me creating and using a When rule
    • Show me how to extend a Proposition Filter rule
  12. Predicting customer behavior

    • Introduction to data analytics
    • Tell me how to predict customer needs
    • Show me how to use adaptive decisioning
    • Challenge me adding an Adaptive Model component
    • Tell me how to retain customers using predictive analytics
    • Show me how to retain customers using predictive analytics
    • Challenge me selecting a proposition based on prediction
  13. Learning from historical interactions

    • Tell me how to learn from historical interactions
    • Show me how to configure interaction history component
    • Challenge me adding Interaction History component
  14. Using aggregated data to select the best offer

    • Tell me how to aggregate data to determine the best offer
    • Show me how to reconnect with a customer
    • Challenge me how to aggregate historical interactions
  15. Designing decision strategies for real-life scenarios

    • Tell me about U+ Bank sales strategy scenario
    • Let me create propositions for web channel banners
    • Let me add product eligibility rules
    • Let me show more relevant banners using adaptive
    • Let me disable banners often clicked
    • Let me add eligibility rules for high-risk customers
  16. Testing strategies en masse with simulations

    • Tell me about decisioning simulations
    • Show me how to execute a simulation
    • Show me how to compare results of simulations
    • Show me how to analyse results of a simulation using reports
    • Let me test a decision strategy using simulations
  17. Arbitrating between propositions

    • Tell me how to do reactive retention
    • Show me how to do reactive retention using a Switch
    • Challenge me adding a Switch component to a strategy
  18. Evaluating customer credit score

    • Tell me how to evaluate customer credit score
    • Show me how to select offers based on scorecard results
    • Challenge me how to use a scorecard in a web channel
    • Show me how to build a scorecard
    • Show me how to interpret credit score using a Decision Table
  19. Avoiding redundant product offerings

    • Show me how to use product holdings in the strategy
    • Let me filter out existing products in the strategy
  20. Understanding decision strategy execution

    • Tell me how decision strategy execution works
    • Let me understand the decision strategy execution
  21. Predicting customer behavior using real-time data

    • Tell me about adaptive analytics
    • Show me how to create an adaptive model
    • Show me how to use an adaptive model in a strategy
    • Show me how to add an adaptive model for a new proposition
    • Tell me about adaptive model outputs
    • Show me adaptive model reports
    • Let me build an adaptive model and use it in a strategy
    • Let me examine adaptive model reports
  22. Using third party predictive models

    • Tell me what PMML is
    • Let me use a PMML model in a decision strategy
  23. Utilizing text analytics to improve business performance

    • Tell me what is text analytics
    • Show me how to predict the sentiment of a Twitter text
    • Show me how to automate work using text analytics
    • Let me create a case based on text analysis on Twitter data
  24. Course summary

    • Before you leave

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  • Duration

    4 days

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