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CLM Foundation

This course is designed for Business managers, Business analysts, IT project managers, CIOs, Business Architects, System Architects and anyone needing to understand or support Client Onboarding or Due Diligence.

CLM Foundation is a foundation course for anyone wishing to learn about Pega Client Lifecycle Management for Financial Services as well as the associated concepts. Participants will become familiar with the architecture, standard portals and tools used to support the customer onboarding, offboarding and more.

What you'll learn

By the end of this course, you will be able to successfully:

  • Describe Pega’s Strategic Application offerings
  • Explain the different types of a Customer Journey
  • Describe support for due diligence and regulations
  • Describe the features and functions of Pega CLM and KYC
  • Describe the elements of the CLM and KYC case type
  • Start onboarding cases for different types of customer journeys

Course Outline

Welcome and Orientation

  • Introductions
  • Course Description

Pega CLM and KYC Overview

  • Pega Strategic Applications
  • CLM and KYC Overview
  • The benefits of using Pega CLM and Pega KYC
  • Features and functions of the new release of Pega CLM and Pega KYC

CLM Architecture

  • Pega CLM architecture
  • Customer journeys
  • The main onboarding cases
  • Pega CLM operators, roles, and portals

KYC Architecture

  • Pega KYC architecture
  • Pega KYC support for Due Diligence
  • Pega KYC operators, roles, and portals

The Customer Journey

  • The customer journey
  • Describe the standard Customer Journey Types

CLM Implementation

  • Describe the features of Pega Foundation for Financial Services
  • The CLM stages: Capture, Enrich, Due Diligence, Fulfilment and Abandon
  • Describe the provided Pega CLM Case Types and Data Model


  • Accessing the Report Browser
  • Describe some of the CLM and KYC reports provided

KYC Implementation

  • Due diligence implementation in the context of client lifecycle management
  • The KYC implementation
  • A look at some due diligence scenarios
  • Describe some of the regulatory rules

CLM and KYC Resources and further information

  • CLM and KYC resources available from the Pega Community

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