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Customizing the sales process

This module is for anyone who wants to customize the default sales process.

The first steps in implementing a Pega Sales Automation™ application typically involves a gap analysis. The outcome of the gap analysis often contain customization to the sales process. When an application is created in Pega Sales Automation™, stages in the opportunity case contain a set of default optional steps. In this lesson, you learn about the default opportunity case and how it can be customized.

What you'll learn

By the end of this course, you will be able to successfully:

  • Describe common sales process customizations
  • Describe default stages and steps in the opportunity case
  • Add steps to the opportunity case
  • Add fields to a form

Course Outline

  1. Customizing the sales process

    • Before you begin
    • Tell me about typical customizations
    • Let me add a process to the opportunity case
    • Let me add fields to the contact form
    • Before you leave

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  • Duration

    1 hour

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