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Utilizing text analytics for email routing

This course is for decisioning consultants and system architects who would like to enhance business applications with text analytics.

Humans can effortlessly interpret a single email, but we cannot do it efficiently over a large volume. Businesses are exploring ways to use machine learning to extract meaningful information from a large volume of text messages. These insights help improve business performance and customer experience. This learning module will explain what text analytics is, how to configure the email routing in Pega CS, and how to use AI for intelligent routing.


What you'll learn

By the end of this course, you will be able to successfully:

  • Explain what text analytics is
  • Name a few practical applications where text analytics can be used
  • Initiate a case creation when a customer sends an email to initiate contact for any issues

Course Outline

  1. Before you begin

    • Before you begin
  2. Introducing intelligent email routing

    • Tell me what is text analytics
    • Tell me about email routing
  3. Routing emails based on topic detection

    • Show me how to route email using rule-based topic detection
    • Let me use rule-based topic detection
    • Show me how to route email using model-based topic detection
    • Let me add a model-based topic detection
  4. Routing emails based on sentiment detection

    • Show me how to route emails based on sentiment
    • Let me detect text sentiment
  5. Training text analytics models

    • Show me how to train a text categorization models
    • Let me create a text analytics model
  6. Before you leave

    • Before you leave

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    1.5 hour

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