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Business Architect Essentials Exercise Update

This course is for Pega Business Architects who want to learn how to develop applications on the Pega Platform™.

In this course, you practice common application development tasks performed by Pega Business Architects to prepare yourself for your first Pega Platform™ development project. This course supplements the Business Architect Essentials 8 course by providing an opportunity to repeat exercises on a more recent version of Pega Platform. The exercises in this course are based on Pega Platform 8.3.


What you'll learn

By the end of this course, you will be able to successfully:

  • Model the life cycle of a case that mirrors the way business people think about how work is completed
  • Validate case data to ensure that user entries match required patterns
  • Configure a Wait shape to enforce a case processing dependency
  • Configure user views and data elements during case life cycle creation
  • Use the Clipboard tool to review case data in memory
  • Calculate property values automatically using declare expressions
  • Create data types to model data objects in a Pega application

Course Outline

  1. Business Architect Essentials Exercise Overview

    • Completing the course exercises
    • Business use case: Assistance request
  2. Case Management: Exercise

    • Exercise: Configuring a case type
  3. Data Modeling: Exercise

    • Exercise: Designing a data model
  4. Validation: Exercise

    • Exercise: Configuring data validation
  5. Information Exchange: Exercise

    • Exercise: Configuring reference data
  6. User Interface: Exercise

  7. Correspondence: Exercise

    • Exercise: Configuring and sending correspondence
  8. Reporting: Exercise

    • Exercise: Designing a business report
  9. Application Development: Exercise

    • Exercise: Maintaining an application

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  • Duration

    8 hour

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