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System Architect Essentials Exercise Update

This course is for System Architects who want to learn how to develop applications on the Pega Platform™.

In this course, you practice common application development tasks performed by system architects to prepare yourself for your first Pega Platform™ development project. This course supplements the System Architect Essentials 8 course by providing an opportunity to repeat exercises on a more recent version of Pega Platform. The exercises in this course are based on Pega Platform 8.3.


Course Outline

  1. System Architect Essentials Exercise Overview

    • Completing the course exercises
    • Business use case: Assistance request
  2. Case Management: Exercise

    • Exercise: Configuring a case type
  3. Data Modeling: Exercise

    • Exercise: Designing a data model
  4. Validation: Exercise

    • Exercise: Configuring data validation
  5. Information Exchange: Exercise

    • Exercise: Configuring reference data
  6. User Interface: Exercise

  7. Correspondence: Exercise

    • Exercise: Configuring and sending correspondence
  8. Reporting: Exercise

    • Exercise: Designing a business report
  9. Application Development: Exercise

    • Exercise: Testing and maintaining an application

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  • Duration

    8.5 hours

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