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UI Specialist

The Pega 7.1 User Interface Specialist course is an advanced course for System Architects and User Interface Designers who want to advance their knowledge of building user interfaces.

The Pega 7.1 User Interface Specialist course is designed to help architects further their knowledge of the Pega 7 UI components and their ability to design and implement UI solutions in the most efficient manner. This course covers a breadth of topics from the basics of understanding Reusability and Specialization to implementing high level quality User Interfaces with the Pega Platform.


What you'll learn

By the end of this course, you will be able to successfully:

  • Understand the standard PRPC User Experience capabilities.
  • Develop knowledge on implementing high quality User Experience solutions with PRPC.
  • Design and implement complex and interactive user interfaces in PRPC in the most efficient manner.
  • Understand the Reusability and Specialization in PRPC User Experience solutions.
  • Understand the best practices related to implementing the User Experience solutions

Course Outline

  1. Orientation

    • Course Welcome
    • Completing the Exercises
    • Downloading the exercise system
  2. Getting Started

    • What Is Good UI?
    • Presentation vs. Content
    • Dissecting UI
  3. Pega 7 UI Basics

    • UI Elements in A Pega Application
    • UI Architecture
  4. UI Building Blocks

    • Creating the First Form
    • Modifying the Display of Fields
    • Styling the Appearance of the Form
    • Rearranging Fields in the Form
  5. Designing Forms

    • Creating (Advanced) Forms
    • Sourcing List Based Controls
    • Displaying Lists
    • Displaying Hierarchical Data
    • Using Layout Groups
    • Displaying Read Only Form
    • Displaying Static Content
    • Displaying Contextual Help
    • UI Toolkit
  6. Creating Dynamic UI

    • What is a Dynamic UI
    • Actions on Controls
    • Conditionally Hide or Show Fields in a Form
    • Displaying Calculated Fields in a Form
    • Conditionally Display Fields as Read-only, Disabled or Required
    • Defer Loading Fields
    • Cascading Relationships on List Based Controls
    • Grid Actions
  7. Presentation

    • Introducing the Styling Concept
    • Skin Basics
    • Styling Layouts
    • Styling Controls
    • Styling Grids
    • Container Styling
  8. Validating User Inputs

    • Introduction to Validation
    • Client Side Validation
    • Server Side Validation
    • Customizing Error Messages
  9. Designing Screens

    • UI Elements in a Screen
    • Creating Your Own Portal
    • Building Personalizable Dashboards
  10. Navigation

    • Navigation Modes
    • Using a Navigation Rule
    • Creating Menus
    • Embedding a Pega Application as a Gadget
  11. Mobility

    • Designing a Mobile Application
    • Mobile Specific Controls and Behaviors
  12. Localizing Pega Applications

    • Creating a Localized Application
    • Translating the Labels and Messages
  13. Accessibility

    • Designing Accessible Applications
  14. Extending UI

    • Extending the Capability of the Skin
    • Building Dashboard Widgets
    • Creating Purpose Specific Controls
  15. UX Methodology

    • DCO and UX
    • Methodology and UX

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