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Mentored Online Training

Mentored Online Training combines the flexibility and convenience of Online Training with the structure and support of a Pega-certified instructor to provide students with a unique blended-learning experience.

  • Pega's Mentored Online Training program consists of 4 distinct components:

    • Online Training modules - Students should plan to spend approximately 6-10 hours per week (varies by course and experience).
    • A weekly 3-hour review session held on a pre-determined day with your course instructor – an opportunity to review concepts and exercises encountered while completing the week’s assigned self study modules.
    • A weekly 30-minute private mentoring session with your course instructor – designed to provide students individual feedback, answer specific questions, and track progress against weekly milestones.
    • Certification test prep review session – a four hour session to wrap up the program, review concepts and terminology found on the exam, and prepare students for exam day.

Participant Expectations

• Complete the assigned modules in advance of each review session

• Attend and participate in weekly review sessions

• Sign up for and attend weekly private mentoring sessions

• Attend the final exam prep session

• Take the certification exam within two weeks of course completion

Program Pricing

• Business Architect             |   4 weeks - $2,100  | 140 credits

• System Architect                |   5 weeks - $2,700  | 180 credits

• Senior System Architect    |   6 weeks - $3,150  | 210 credits

Contact to discuss additional training options and pricing

Business Architect

Learn how Pega Business Architects work within the application development process and how to use Pega's model-driven tools to directly capture customer objectives in Pega Platform. This course also discusses using Pega Platform to design a case type to manage a workflow and automate business policies.

System Architect Essentials

Discover the core competencies for participating in the development of a business application built on the Pega Platform. Learn how to use Pega's rules-based architecture to configure and test application functionality such as process flows, UI screens, automated decisions, and properties.

Senior System Architect

Designed for Certified System Architects who are looking to further their knowledge and their ability to implement high-quality Pega 7 applications. In this course, students will learn the tasks commonly performed by senior system architects on the Pega 7 platform, with a focus on designing and implementing reusable application elements.